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Plasoron the wellness company, has its mainstay in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry. The company was incorporated with a vision having Committed Towards Wellness.

The organization,PlasoRonBiotech has strong fundamentals with its exposure stretching over years in the field of Healthcare & Patient Care. The company in its repertoire has a core of professionals with diverse capabilities, across spectrum of advance technologies and management aptitude.

The Company has in its fabric, a gamut of core professionals with exposure in high end technologies and research advancements. This helps keep the company abreast of latest developments and very importantly, access to source them for India.

The Company has strategic production arrangements with globally Benchmarked Manufacturing facilities, ensuring uninterrupted supply chain of high quality pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Each and every product is tested in the In-house Quality Control Labs of the World Health Organisation(WHO) Good manufacturing practice(GMP) & The International Organization for Standardization(ISO) Certified Manufacturing facilities .

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The company today has established all India Presence with its sales & marketing team, well supported by a Robust Distribution ChannelPresently, the company is committed to the specialized segments of Nephrology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Critical Care, Rheumatology and holistic wellness ,Diatec’s etc. To cater to these diverse segments, the company has a product basket laced with Biotech Products, High End specific medicines for specific segments, Antibiotics and Hormones. The vision of Plasoron Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is Committed towards Wellness, and the company in its charter has well defined protocols for wellness in its products and people. Being Healthy is the first step towards Wellness & Plasoron is committed to the objective of Committed towards Wellness.